Operation and Agriculture Supply Information System, LLC (OASIS)


A systematic method and process that farmers can use to collect and analyze all of their agricultural data including environmental data, so that they can both plan and produce a bountiful harvest for their family, community, and the population at large, and most importantly will be better positioned to conserve natural resources for future generations.

Farm Management

Small-scale farmers can easily collect and analyze their farming data including weather, soil, water, and pest monitoring data in their mobile device. Farmers will be in a better position to comply with the U.S. FSMA Law, the E.U. Food Law, and GLOBALG.A.P. certification.

Food Traceability

Farmers can provide assurance to retailers and consumers that their crops had been grown on their farm fields. Buyers can use the OASIS Traceability Edition to scan the product label to trace the agricultural product back to the site of origin. (ISO 22005 compliant)

Easy to manage the farm and track agricultural products!

Farm Plot List, Mobile App Screen


Everything begins with defining the farm plots or farm fields. Click on the "New" button to create a new farm plot. One farm can have many fields. A single farm plot shows what was planted and when, the number of plants, and a unique identifier. If livestock is also managed, another farm plot can show what animal species and the number of heads use that specific land area. One field can only have one product (a plant or an animal) associated. A farmer can then click on "Farm Activities" to view the progress of activities for every farm plot across the growing season. The unique identifier is automatically tied to all activities that will have been carried out to manage the specific field and product (patent pending method).


When the harvest is ready for shipment to the buyer, the farmer can click on the "Label" button to prepare and print product labels. See the example below. The farmer can attach the labels to the product boxes. Because the label is generated at the time of creating the farm plot, the farmer's buyer can receive a copy of the product label in advance. In this way, the buyer will be able to check on the growth and health of the crop from date of planting to date of harvest. The buyer can be kept informed and thus can provide guidance when an issue arises.

New Farm Plot Creation, Mobile App Screen


The farmer selects one product variety for each farm plot. The product can be a plant variety or an animal species. If the selection list does not have a specific variety, the farmer can add a new product variety. The farmer will select the country of origin and either a city or a village to show the location of the farm plot. A new city or a new village can be added, if none are available in the respective list.


Other data for the new farm plot include the name of the farm, the farm plot identifier, the planting or start date, and the product population. The land area (plot size) is optional. The software allows the farmer to define his own plot identifier, which can consist of letters and numbers up to 15 characters.

Product Label Example, Minimum Text Layout


The software generates a unique product label for each farm plot. The downloadable document presents two layouts. One layout shows the QR code symbol along with the unique identifier and the name of the farm. Another layout provides more details to show the product, country, and specific location. If privacy is necessary, the farmer can download and use just the QR code symbol image. The product can still be tracked by scanning the QR code.


Product Label Example, Detailed Description Layout
Traceability Mobile App Main Screen


If a consumer wants to find out where a specific fruit or vegetable was grown, she can scan the product label or enter the unique identifier in the OASIS Traceability Edition mobile app. Basic information about the farm plot or farm field will display. Note that the Traceability Edition is a limited version for the general public.


The farmer can use the full version mobile app to view key statistics about the product's growth, health, quality, and management. This customized version can be provided to the farmer's buyers, partners, and extension agents.


How do I get the system?

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